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Daydreaming with a Book


Authentic Branding is Key

As an Author, your name is your brand. This is why your author profile is essential for potential readers to feel like they know you can can trust you. Having an authentic brand voice will give you a competitive advantage by helping you stand out. Just because you have nice book cover and a matching social media color pallet theme, does not mean you have a well- drafted author profile with brand identity. Your brands authentic wow factor lies between the thing you love doing and the thing you're good at. Focus on your strengths that lights you up in a feeling of energized focus. This is the mental state, where you find yourself losing a sense of time and even though you are working hard it doesn't feel like working because you are enjoying yourself. Find the top 3 things that you love and are good at. Below are things I love doing and things I am naturally good at. Finding what you love and are good at will help you excel in building your brand esthetics and advertise your book. 



Marketing is about the stories you tell and authentic branding is key. In Good to Great, author Jim Collins offers key facts on turning the average into the exceptional. If you wish to build a lasting relationship with potential readers, then this is the first step we need to take. Committed to the long-term success by branding your name and having an authentic voice. Your author bio will be displayed in your book's Amazon page and possibly in your book or other online author profile pages. Book a professional branding photo shoot. Polishing up your author profile will give you the professional looking photograph of yourself and help you reach your branding goals.  

Social Media Strategy 

Announce your new children’s book on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, NextDoor, and even LinkedIn.

Join Online Groups

Joining audience-­specific groups like Facebook groups is free and can be very beneficial. Facebook groups and pages are a great place to display and promote your newly published children’s book. You can inform members about your sales, giveaways, and other promotions.

Online Engagement

When engaging in more general family and parenting pages or forums, you as the author can engage parents and groups using the topics in your books to start or join relevant conversations. If parents are discussing ways to deal with making friends at a new school, for example, an author whose book addresses these topics, you can chime in and introduce your book.

Children's Books Awards

Here are some of some notable children’s book awards.  

  1. The Golden Kite Award

  2. Mom’s Choice Award

  3. Cybils Children’s and Young Adult Literary Blogger Awards

  4. The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

  5. Readers’ Favorite (children’s book category)

  6. The Royal Dragonfly Book Awards

Children’s Book Festivals 

Book fairs are a great way to market your book, as they give you the chance to directly interact with your target audience. Find book festival near you and be sure to apply in advance.

Schedule School Author Visits

Many schools set aside an annual budget for paid author visits. School visits can be either free or paid ­but I suggest offering free visits for your first couple of times.

Send an email to your nearby schools and offer to do a reading of your book. Include your books 1 -page sale sheet in you email or printed in person. 


Be sure to say what age range the book is aimed at, so that the administration can choose age-­appropriate classes. Send an image of your cover, and include a short synopsis, links to your reviews on Amazon, and to your website (if you have one).

If the school agrees, be sure to have the school send flyers home with the children, offering a chance to buy signed copies of your book.

On the day of the reading, be creative and bring fun props, SWAG, or items that relate to your book that you think the kids might enjoy.


Library Visits 

Libraries love hosting story hours with local authors. And most libraries have weekly scheduled story times already, with lots of children and parents attending. Larger libraries even offer multiple story times based on different age groups, making the targeting of your book’s audience even easier.

Call nearby libraries and let them know about your book. Be sure to bring a number of paper copies on the day of the reading, so you can sell your signed book. You can even repurpose the props you prepared for your visits to book festivals.




Children are all over YouTube.

Book trailers can be a wonderful addition to your marketing strategy. You can use them in places such as your newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon Author Page, YouTube, and your own website.



Teaching kids


Family Time


Helping others


Teaching kids



Building relationships

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